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    Splitting Date String into Time and Date Fields

      I have a date string in a CSV field that I currently have labeled as "Send Date" and looks like this:


      9/24/2015  9:01:00 AM


      I want to be able to split this date string into two fields:


      9/24/2015 as "Date Sent"

      9:01:00 AM as "Time Sent"


      Currently my data load script looks like this:






          "Send Date",

          "Send Weekday",

          "Total Recipients",

          "Successful Deliveries",

          "Soft Bounces",

          "Hard Bounces",

          "Total Bounces",

          "Times Forwarded",

          "Forwarded Opens",

          "Unique Opens",

          "Open Rate",

          "Total Opens",

          "Unique Clicks",

          "Click Rate",

          "Total Clicks",


          "Abuse Complaints",

          "Times Liked on Facebook",

          "Folder Id",

          "Unique Id"


      FROM [lib://Newsletter Data/Sep_25_2015.csv]

      (txt, utf8, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq);


      What do I need to add in order to get the date/time split I want from my source data?