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    Wildmatch not working in expression

      Hi to everyone!


      I have a table with column:


      Previous month sales. Expression:

      Sum({$< DateSale=, MonthSale=, YearSale=, DateSale = {'>=$(=vStartPrevPeriod_month) <$(=vMinSelectedDate)'},

      Field1={'2937.3'}, Field2={"=WildMatch(Field2,'841*','831*','811*','3350')"} >} SUM)/1000

      I select YearSale=2015




      So, I analyze sales in August month of 2015.

      Problem: Expression does not take values of Field1=2937.3 and Field2=8113,8114 in period of august 2015. They exist in my qvd.

      But with other values it works good.

      Please help. How to solve it. May be there is another funtion like WildMatch.. I also tried 'LIKE' function. The result is the same.