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        serhan celebi



        Which users start your services? In which order are you trying to start your services? You should start by Repo Database Service.Did they ever work? Can you start manually? etc. Can you give more info in general?





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          Vegar Lie Arntsen

          I experienced the same problem on a client's envrironment. The problem occured when the client changed the account running the Qlik Services from a local account to an AD domain account with local admin rights.



          My solution: I did not need to reinstall the whole server to fix the problem. When running the Qlik Sense install package you'll get an Repair option. After running the repair all services where up and running as normal again.


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            Nathaniel Anderson

            I'm just transcribing the message from OP screenshot:

            "Windows could not start the Qlik Sense Engine Service service on Local Computer. Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start"


            For me, this error started *after resetting my own (admin account) password*. My own account is also the account which the services use, when they run (maybe that's a bad idea...).


            So I needed to individually change the "Log on" information (specifically the password) for each of the Qlik Sense services. After opening services with `services.msc`, you can right-click each service to modify its Log On properties:


            2017-07-10 14_16_27-Slack - Qlik Sense Consulting.png