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    Problem with names in CalData.pgo.xml

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I think I have written about this same problem once or twice already. Sorry about that - but I still haven't found a solution to this. By now, I have opened a ticket with our QlikView_support at CP which has opened a ticket with Qlik. I'm curious what they will answer once they do.


      Maybe, though, the experts here could also help me:


      The question is where whatever service is writing the CalData.pgo file is pulling the names from.


      The background is that there is a difference between this file - which I have as an xml file and read into a QlikView_app - and the QMC, Outlook and our personnel system rgd. the writing of names:

      - There used to be someone here with the name of "Biskiewicz", which áll those other systems knew in the correct spelling, only according to that xml file - which knew it twice, once ending on "cz" and once ending on "c" - the licence was with the one ending on "c" which had the effect that I was not able to link this to information from our personnel system.


      That gentleman is no longer working here, but there is someone else - named "Jürgen" which both our personnel system and Outlook - and the QMC - know as "Juergen" - acc. to that xml file, however (which again knows both variations of this name), the licence is allocated to a "Jürgen" to the same effect - I cannot link information from our personnel system which knows a "Juergen", not "Jürgen".


      Thanks a lot!


      Best regards,




      P.S.: Now this is the 6th post by me in a row that goes into moderation. There must be something wrong here?