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    Question: count only those respondent who pick different answer alternatives but still grouped by question

    Mariia Gridneva

      Qlik Sense

      There is no problem in displaying and counting respondents who answered on alternatives from question1 AND question2.

      Issue comes when we want to see respondents from more than one alternative per question.

      With logic: count respondents who answered similarly on ((Q1_a OR Q1_b) AND Q2_a)


      Here comes data model.



      In the following example I choice two respondents in alternative Q2_a (resp 101 and 102 displays).


      When looking on one of alternatives in Q1, (Q1_a) the result count only one respondent (101) existing in both choice-alternatives.


      The same goes for combination of (Q1_b) where respondent (102) exists along with (Q2_a).


      Adding alternative (Q1_a) which contains (101) respondent to the choice should give two respondents in calculation. One respondent coming from Q1_a and Q1_b each and two of same existing in Q2_a.

      Result displays zero respondents.




      Logic I need is counting/showing respondents existing in Q1 AND Q2, plus alternatives Q1_a OR Q1_b compared against Q2.

      I can also accept changes in the data model.


      Sorry for the long post.

      Best regards, Mariia.