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    Chart that shows current year and (current - 1) week

    Darri Hilmarsson

      Hi, QlikView


      I have data set that shows sales number and date when they happen.

      I want to make a chart what shows sales numbers for each day in the last week (current - 1) and only current year.


      I will explain better. So today is 30.09.2015 which is week 40 in the year 2015.

      I want the sales number to show week 39 in the year 2015.


      I used this formula: =sum({<Year={$(=year(today()))}, Week={$(=week(today()))}>} Sales)

      to show sales number for current week and current week.


      What can I do to get week 39 in the year 2015



      DayYearWeekYrWk Sales
      1.1.2013201312013-1   150.000    
      10.1.2013201322013-2   320.000    
      19.1.2013201332013-3   272.246    
      28.1.2013201352013-5   610.481    
      6.2.2013201362013-6   248.498