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    Section access example question

    Daniel Moore

      Was reviewing the examples in QlikView Section Access Examples - for some reason on example 7 only 2 users (SIMON, & ADMIN) to be able to log on. The others like PETER / PETER were getting "Access denied to this QlikView document." as if they had strict exclusion stopping them from opening the document - but that shouldn't have been the case. Any thoughts? 

      I'm using 11.2 SR 10.

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          Jd Sreeni

          Hi Daniel,

          Please check the  below comments from Colin... "remove the region field from section access part..."


          Colin Albert Mar 27, 2014 6:30 AM (in response to Wannita Veeramontri)


          Hi Wannita,


          Thanks for pointing out the error.

          The fix is to remove the Region field from the Section Access part of the script and just use REGION_SA

          The code below has commented out the Region line.

          I will post an updated zip file soon.

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              Daniel Moore

              Thanks Jd -


              I guess he never got around to doing the load with the new code  . It did work - but it shouldn't have actually created the Region field- it wouldn't have if it wasn't in the section access portion of the load script. Those who are keeping track at home the whole section access tab should look like:


              section access;



              trace <<< Section Access >>> ;



              // This now works because the field names below are in UPPERCASE

              // Users are restricted to only see the Costcentres & Region data they have access to




              LOAD Access as ACCESS,

                   UserID as  USERID,

                   Password as PASSWORD,

                   CostCentre as COSTCENTRE,

                   upper(Region) as REGIONSA     // Region data for Section Access restrictions loaded in UPPERCASE- funny thing

                    // section access section Region is loaded as well - normally it wouldn't appear as a field.



              (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Region);



              trace <<< Section Application >>> ;



              section Application;