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    Lookup functionality in qlik (not in script)

      Hi all,



      I have a problem that i would really like to solve.


      The case:


      What I want: To show/hide an object for different users based on conditional show.


      - Each person has a user ID

      - Each sheet that a user click on has a Sheet ID

      - For each sheet there is a list of names of people with access (Access ID) in a table for whom is allowed to see the hidden object (they can all access the sheet


      The problem: The list of names of whom is allowed to see the hidden object contain multiple names (thus multiple Access IDs).


      I tried the following logic:


      show object if userID = Access ID (field name)


      However, when there are multiple people in the Access ID field, qlik returns NULL when i refer to it.


      Can someone help me with this issue?





      NOTE: 'I need to make this logic work when changing the sheet (thus the list of Access IDs changes)



      Thanks ya'll smart individuals for helping me!!!