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    Maintaining a 3 (or 4) Tiered QVD QlikView Architechture

      Setup/Intro:  I have created a fairly complex QlikView application which utilizes 3 Tiered Architecture (or 4 Tiered, based on how you look at it) due to the required reload times and amount of rows.


      At a high level I have the following Tiers/layers


      Tier1: Load raw DB data and store into QVDs

      Layer 1: Load data from Raw database tables and store in separate QVDs


      Tier2: Staging/Transformation

      Layer 2:  Apply first level of staging/transformations

      Layer 3:  Apply second level of staging/transformations


      Tier3/4: Data model and UI

      Layer 4:  Create data model (star schema) using data from previous layers

      Layer 5:  Binary load data model (Layer 4) into UI



      I am finding it difficult to maintain this type of architecture when say, for example, I change or add a field in layer 2.  If this happens I have to change layers 3, 4 and 5.  Furthermore, I am now working on creating additional applications utilizing data from either layer 2 or 3 as a starting point, so there will be even more scripts which will need to be updated when a change occurs.  What are some ways to make maintenance easier?  One of the main type of examples of changes would be adding or renaming fields.