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    Chart image export

    Christoph Hebig

      Hi there,


      is there a possibility in Qlik Sense (beside external tools) to automatically (in a sense of 1 click to do so) export all charts of a sheet to jpg/png or maybe better all charts of all sheets? As a start, every sheet as a hole to be exported would be a good thing (like the export to pdf option) but also automated to do it for every sheet with one click.


      The story to PPT is unfortunatly no option for me because of 2 reasons:

      1. Full sheets can't be exported at the moment

      2. I use some of my own created Visualizations that can't be exported too.


      At the moment i got like 50 Sheets with at least 2-3 Charts per sheet and i don't wanna "right-click -> export as image" every single one of them.


      I'm thankful for every hint or even solution for this.


      Kind Regards,