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    Count, IF and Distinct Query Syntax

    Karen Mujeyi

      Need scripting help with an Expression.  I need to count DISTINCT based on two fields, but now I need to add an IF as well.


      So, I need to count the number of DISTINCT events (defined by combination of IDKEY and ServiceDate) IF the POTCode is 23.


      So far, I have tried numerous combinations.  The following are a couple examples, but none of them work.  Can someone please help me with the syntax?


      IF(POTCode = '23', Count(DISTINCT IDKey& ServiceDate))  --- I get no results with this one.



      Count({$<POTCode={"23"}>}DISTINCT IDKey & ServiceDate) --The totals are not correct as it is still pulling other POT codes and repeat ServiceDates.


      Please help.