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    Integrating Qlik Sense into Self Service


      We are evaluating the possibility of integrating Qlik Sense with a Self Service application which is used by millions of customers.

      The problem is as follows:

      We have a DB that stores the data for all the customers.

      Whenever a customer logins to the Self Service application he/she must be able to see and analyze only his/her data and should not be able to access data of other customers.


      Can anyone tell me what are the technics to achieve this?

      As I mentioned there are millions of customers and creating separate applications for each of them (that would load only his/her data) is not feasible.

      Passing a "customerID" parameter from web when invoking an application would help, but I didn't see such feature in Qlik Sense. In addition there still has to be an authorization mechanism verifying that the customer has the rights to invoke the Qlik Sense application with that exact value for the "customerID" parameter.


      Thank you.