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    Drilling down

    Channing Dionisopoulos

      Hi all,


      Scrap Chart.png


      I created the above Scrap Trend per Std Hrs by using the following equation:


      (sum({$<YEAR_NO={$(vCurrentYear)} >} UNIT_COST*SCRAP_QTY))


      (sum ({$<YEAR_NO={$(vCurrentYear)} >} TOTAL_HOURS))


      and I have a variable called vPriorYear for 2014 and did the same for that.  UNIT_COST AND SCRAP_QTY come from the SCRAP table and TOTAL_HOURS comes from the STDHRS table as shown below.





      When I try to filter the data by Area, Facility, or department, the chart shows 'No data to display', as shown below.  Does anyone know how to fix this?



      no data.png