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    How to customize bar chart popup text in QlikSense?

    Minnow Noir

      I'm trying to change the popup text in a QS bar chart such that it displays additional information but I don't see a property I can change to achieve this.


      For example, say I'm displaying a bar chart that shows purchases by company  division over time.  The X axis is the date (because I want to show purchases chronologically), and the Y axis is the total purchase amount.  When the user mouses-over a bar, the popup/tooltip shows the X value/dimension as the title and the Y  value/measure as a value underneath the title.  To make the chart more useful, I also want to show the purchase title/reason in the popup so that the user knows what the purchase was for.


      I don't see anything like a popup customization expression that would allow me to append the title/reason. How could I do this?




      Using QS 2.0.1 build 46.QSM12-CIGS