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    Qlikview 11 Developer Certification Preperation



      Has anyone given Qlikview 11 Developer Certification recently? I heard exam has been refreshed on 13th August.

      I recently gone through it but couldn't clear. I was running out of Time. Couldn't complete all the questions.

      I found all the questions related to Data modelling are very lengthy and as I am not from BI background so It was required lot of time to complete those questions. I have already read Qlikview 11 for Developer but I guess I need more practice on Data modelling section.


      I am planning to reappear for it. Can anyone please suggest any source to build a good knowledge of Data Modelling?

      what else should I prepare more for the exam?

      Thank you.


      - Dnyani

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          Petter Skjolden

          Data modeling was always an important part of the QV 11 Dev Cert exam. It is not only limited to QlikView data modeling but also to ER (Entity Relationship) modeling too. The ER modeling techniques are used together with the concept of normalisation in most practical uses of source systems that use relational databases. So questions about normalisation vs de-normalisation is an important part of some questions. Furthermore understanding how JOIN, KEEP and CONCATENATE works in a load script with actual outcomes after the operations has to be mastered.


          So practicing load script building and connecting to some source databases that are representative in structure of source systems that you will meet in actual life is important. There are some training and sample databases available from various DB-vendors that can be used. Microsoft's sample databases for SQL Server amongst others....


          Good books:

          - Star Schema, The Complete Reference

          - The Data Warehouse Toolkit - The Definitive Guide to Dimensional Modeling, 3rd Edition

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            Nils Morris


            You can also check out Skills Assessment Qlik Skills Assessment | Qlik

            This might help in giving you a feeling of what level you are at. Also if possible I would attend QlikView Developer training.

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              Caroline Sheldon

              Please also see the QlikView Certification website. On this page you can expand the section "exam domain areas" to see exactly the topics on the exam and the percentage of the exam each topic is. QlikView Business Intelligence Certification