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    RAM Usage in QlikviewServer

    chinna katiki

      Dear All,


      I have few queries regarding server RAM Usage as our server RAM utilization is gradually increasing.


      we are using Qlikvew 11.2 and we do not have publisher.


      We are having 5 dashboards deployed in server altogeather the size of the all Dashboards are less than 20 MB. and we are having users around 40. But concurrent users are less than 10.


      we are having 8 GB RAM. which is quite sufficient when I calculate the required RAM using "Qlikview Server RAM Calculator spread sheet".


      Follwing are the Clarifications I wanted to understand.


      1. Does QV server load All the Dashboards to RAM which ever is available in User documents mapping folder even though users are not using? or Only Loads the QVWs to RAM which are opened by users currently?


      2. what is Minimum RAM required to run the Qlikview Enterprise server service(without single QVW in server, which menas emty setup of QV server)?


      3. With our 5 QVWs , we may requied less than 400 MB RAM(calculated based on RAM Calculator). But why our server is consuming more than 3 GB ? (Last month RAM Consumption was 2 GB and this Month it is 3 GB.)

      4. Recently we have setup the LDAP (earlier we are using custom Authentication). After that I can see the RAM Usage more(Analyzed using Governance Dashboard)?


      5. Most Importent thing I want to know is , How do I Know In detail usage of my 3 GB consumption of RAM? Is there any utillity available to analyze this?


      Please find the below capture of RAM Usage from System Monitor Utility.


      Many Many Thanks in Advance...


      Best Regards,