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    creating a Diagram



      i need help for a simple example. There are the following data from different runners. I got a table from each person.


      I want to create to diagrams. The first show for all Runners the Number of Runs, the Duration of Runs, the Rank for each discipline. I want to see the average value and the max Value.


      The second diagram show the result for each Runner, for  each Run.

      The timestamp at the x-axis. A bargraph for each run with the Value of the duration and Number of run and rank as labeling of the bar.


      Runner 1:


      TimestampValueNameMin ValueMax ValueAvg Value
      00:00:10:00Number of 100m-Run1
      00:00:10:00Duration of 100m-Run100s
      00:00:10:00Rank of 100m-Run29
      00:00:30:00Number of 500m-Run1
      00:00:30:00Duration of 500m-Run500s
      00:00:30:00Rank of 500m-Run3
      00:00:50:00Number of 500m-Run2
      00:00:50:00Duration of 500m-Run300s
      00:00:50:00Rank of 500m-Run2
      00:01:50:00Number of 100m-Run2
      00:01:50:00Duration of 100m-Run120s
      00:01:50:00Rank of 100m-Run35
      Number of 100m-Runs121,5
      Number of 500m-Runs121,5
      Duration of 100m-Runs100s120s110s
      Duration of 500m-Runs300s500s400s
      Rank of 100m-Runs293532
      Rank of 500m-Runs232,5




      Runner 2:

      TimestampValueNameMin ValueMax ValueAvg Value
      00:20:10:00Number of 100m-Run1
      00:20:10:00Duration of 100m-Run80s
      00:20:10:00Rank of 100m-Run20
      00:20:30:00Number of 500m-Run1
      00:20:30:00Duration of 500m-Run400s
      00:20:30:00Rank of 500m-Run2
      00:20:50:00Number of 500m-Run2
      00:20:50:00Duration of 500m-Run300s
      00:20:50:00Rank of 500m-Run1
      00:21:50:00Number of 100m-Run2
      00:21:50:00Duration of 100m-Run100s
      00:21:50:00Rank of 100m-Run22
      Number of 100m-Runs121,5
      Number of 500m-Runs121,5
      Duration of 100m-Runs80s100s90s
      Duration of 500m-Runs300s400s350s
      Rank of 100m-Runs202221
      Rank of 500m-Runs12