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    UDC and QMC custom properties



      How can we use User Directory Connector to set/update QMC custom properties ?

      I understood you can use UDC to create type/value pairs which can be used in the security rules (group and email in particular) but I would like to use UDC to set the Custom property I defined in QMC (e.g. @Role, @Customer, @Project) . This would allow me to see the values and possibly change them directly in the QMC.


      I am using Excel (via ODBC) UDC and when putting @Role in type column in my excel sheet, Excel complains with "That function isn't valid" , I also tried [@Role] and "@Role" without success...





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          Hi Thomas,

          I think you don't need to type '@Role', '@Project', '@Customer' you just need to type 'Role', 'project', 'Customer'.

          And You could use it for Security Rules.

          You can type 'Roles' if you want to assign Auditadmin, ContentAdmin, etc...


          Best Regards,



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              Hello Laud,


              Thanks for quick reply.

              I know I can define "UDC custom properties" and use them in security rules, but the advantage of "QMC custom properties" is that any RootAdmin user can modify them in QMC without having to touch the Excel file and reload. Moreover, one can see the values in the "Users" tab by adding corresponding columns in the UI.

              So QMC custom properties are nice to use, except I cannot set/update them without being in the QMC and I cannot set values for a new user before he is listed in the QMC.

              These 2 last points are made possible by UDC, that's why I would like to combine both and set "QMC custom properties" via UDC...