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    Select Specific Strings & String Format

    John Cavoulas

      I need to select lines where there are specific strings contained somewhere in the field. The format of the string desired is 'nnnn-nnnnn' where n = a number 0-9 (no vowels or special characters), so they would look like this; 2015-70707. My problem is there are examples where the string I want is there but does not follow the format exactly. Sometimes there may be a space on one side of the hyphen or not, or more than one example in each line. The result desired would be the string 'nnnn-nnnnn'. Here are examples of what I need to include and not include in my query;


      Any ideas on how to maximize my selections? 


      6.23.2015-429226no<not included>
      521 / 2015-88584yes2015-88584
      2015- 80808yes2015-80808
      2015-71757 & 2015-71726both2015-71757
      2015-71757 & 2015-71726both2015-71726
      2015-72052 PO BL060315yes2015-72052
      711717 - PROJ040805no<not included>
      711733 2015-74104yes2015-74104
      BL5928 2015-78037yes2015-78037
      cG75382-WP / 2015-72069yes2015-72069
      GRS515 / 2015-88522 / 2015-87229both2015-87229
      INC13778737 / 2015-89742yes2015-89742
      LOST UNIT REPLACEMENT- 109325no<not included>
      LOST UNIT REPLACEMENT-100016no<not included>
      Quote 2015-66816yes2015-66816