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    Sum of Certain Rows in straight Table

    Fabian Heidenstecker

      Hi Qlik Community,


      I have a problem with making a calculation in a straight table. At first, this requirement sounded quite trivial to me, but turned out to be a real brain twister :-)


      I have a table with accounts and sum ammounts. Each account has a reference account. I want to have a table column with the total amount of the reference account, and then later devide it to build a rate.

      I am expecting the sum of 4.175.159 for those rows who have the reference account 5000 and the one that has the reference Account 6660 i expect the sum of 440.541

      I did some trial and error, but i can't get it to work.


      I attached a demo file


      I really would appriciate some help!


      Cheers from Germany,