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    Comparing daily sales with different days amount

    Ahmad Hamdani

      Hello all,


      I'm sorry if this subject already discussed in another room.


      I am trying to compare daily sales vs last month with this formula :

      sum({<Date_Fix={">=$(=MonthStart(max({<DESC= {'SALES'}>}Date_Fix)))<=$(=max({<DESC= {'SALES'}>}Date_Fix))"}, [MODEL GR1]={"*"}-{'CBU','DEL'},year,month,date>}sales_qty)


      The formula become problem when number of days in this month is smaller than last month (example : September days is 30 and August is 31).

      I want, when we reach end of month in this month (30 September) is comparing with all quantity in August (30 Sept and 31 August).

      and I also want we can select quantity by date.


      anyone can help me in this problem? Than you very much