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    Section Access


      To give access to Document we mention their names in section access. suppose if there are a large number of users should have access to the document and only a few should be restricted from accessing the Document.

      Instead of providing the list of users who have access to a Document, is there a way around where i can mention the list of users who should not have access to a document and the rest of all the users should have access.

      How can i achieve it.

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          Jonas Melo

          Hi, ram munigala.


          If your Qlik Server work with Active Directory, is possible through of permission in folder of the app. Independent of kind license, named and/or document call.




          Structure Folder

          App -> is Folder Name

          Security.qvw -> Application Name within of App.


          Active Directory

          Grant access to users with access allowed. Who try access without permission, will have access denied.


          Otherwise,I understand that the users not are on list,  USER or ADMIN, are those that not allowed. In others words, have license, but haven't user and password for access Security.qvw.


          Hope this helps!

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            Bill Britt



            There isn't away to do what you are asking. Section Access is an Access list. Have you thought about using AD groups?



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              John Jackson



              one way to do that is by defining your section access table as below:


              ntname   SH01 , SH02, SH03.....and so on

              JDOE       0,        0,      0..... and so on

              KMOE       0,       0,      0  .... and so on



              so you can list under NTNAME users who should not have access and give them a 0 user definition for every tabs

              you have on dashboard. do not forget to check off strict exclusion & Initial data reduction. If your NO access list of users is shorter than Users with Access, then this might be

              a good idea.

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                  Bill Britt

                  Hi John,


                  You are correct in that you can do this. However, you are not using the access list correctly and these users would see the document in the access point. If you used groups then it would be easier to add and remove users without have to modify the section access each time you need to add or remove a user.