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    Qliksense Stream Access Rules

    Vamsi Vandavasi



      We have a requirement of in some streams some apps should be visible to some users and some other should not see it. to achieve this functionality we disabled out of box stream rule and able to achieve it.


      We have another requirement like in some streams all apps should be visible automatically to users who have access to stream by default. Since we disabled out of the box stream rule is there a way to achieve this functionality rather than giving permission to each app?


      Are we doing anything wrong. we are creating security rule as users publish dashboard to stream as below. creating security rule for each application in a stream is a cumbersome. Is there a way to achieve this so that its more dynamic ?  we also contacted technical support and also architecht from qlik sense but no one can answer it.


      Posting to community if any came across this situation and any suggestions are welcome and helpful




      Please let me know if any other information is required