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    Limit access to Stories? By Section Access?



      I am collaborating with a client who works as a counsellor who wishes to use the Story-feature as an end-user-specific story/guideline developed individually to each of his end-users. This "Story" will be a huge part of his value proposition and is as such of great importance!


      .. so i need to figure out a way to limit access to these stories so person A (Super-user and Sense admin) can create a number of specific stories for the end-users, and make sure that the end-user who logs in can only access his specific story. The governance structure would be the same as within the application where a section access on the data is needed - i just haven't heard anywhere of the possibility to limit access to the stories?



      Stream A contains App A.

      App A contains data for end-user 1,2,3 and 4.

      App A has section access to end-user 1 can only see his own data

      App A needs to have story 1, story 2, story 3 and story 4

      end-user 1 should only be able to see story 1, hence blocking story 2 through 4.


      Thanks Qlikxperts!