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    Trouble Loading Data Based on Date Range

      I've currently got my data script set up to load only data from 8/25/2015 and on, and I used the following script to accomplish it:






          "Send Date",

      subfield([Send Date],' ',1) as Date,

      subfield([Send Date],' ',2) as Time,

          "Send Weekday",

          "Total Recipients",

          "Successful Deliveries",

          "Soft Bounces",

          "Hard Bounces",

          "Total Bounces",

          "Times Forwarded",

          "Forwarded Opens",

          "Unique Opens",

          "Open Rate",

          "Total Opens",

          "Unique Clicks",

          "Click Rate",

          "Total Clicks",


          "Abuse Complaints",

          "Times Liked on Facebook",

          "Folder Id",

          "Unique Id"

      FROM [lib://data*.csv]

      (txt, utf8, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq)

      where [Send Date] >= '8/25/2015';


      However, I noticed when I loaded the new data for October, that the script wasn't loading anything from 10/1/2015 or later. I assume this means that my "where" function isn't correctly loading based on date.


      For reference, my date data is formatted like "10/6/2015  9:02:00 AM" in the "Send Date" field and I used the answer found in this post (Splitting Date String into Time and Date Fields) to split the field into Date and Time.


      What do I need to do in order to ensure my data is loading correctly?