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    Comparing dates with set analysis

    Markus Myllymäki


      My problem is the different time dimensions which have to "work together" in the chart. There is also a third time dimension, which isn't related into the data structure.That could also be a variable.


      Sum (if (A_MonthID = MonthID, A_Sum))
      Sum(if (B_MonthID = MonthID, B_Sum))

      This example works just fine with normal If-clause. The solution is - however - very heavy when there are 10 millions of rows and some other if-conditions in the both clauses. (And in the future the chart should actually show bars on every day on the selected month.)

      Because of that I would like to use the SET-analysis. I don't know if it's possible. It would work easily if you have just one time dimension but this case is different.

      Any ideas or code-examples?