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    Macro to export different objects from QlikView Sheets to power point

    sneha jha

      I am writing a macro in vbscript to export objects from sheets in Qlikview to a ppt. In a sheet, I have some objects in a sheet, but when I extract then to ppt, they are coming in reverse order of their id. Suppose the object ids a sheet are CH1, CH2, CH3.. In the code when I read them, they start from backward like CH3, CH2, CH1.. I have to place each object in specific position in ppt, so need to read them in correct order. I am using following code :-

      set s=ActiveDocument.ActiveSheet

      Set PPSlide = PPPres.Slides(pptiterno)
      for i=lbound(charts) to ubound(charts)
        msgbox charts

      If in the sheet the objects are from CH57 - CH67, in the code they come as CH67-CH57. But I want them from CH57 - CH67. I simply tried to reverse the loop like :



      for i=ubound(charts) to lbound(charts)

      but this does not work. Can someone help me to reverse this object array ?



      Thanks for any help