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    filtering through set analysis.

      Hi all,


      I have a 4 KPI's in my sheet and two filter pane.

      each one refers to the different counts and filter pane is for client and batch.

      when i filter through the client filter pane the count shows only for that client.


      i have a different start date for the different clients/batch. when i select the particular client the data should filter.

      like >= startdate of that client/batch.

      and without any filter it should show the all the values.


      How can i use the set analysis?


      Currently i am using below expression :  Count({$<DateType = {invitation}>}invitation_id)


      I tried with the new expression :  Count({$<DateType = {invitation}, canonicaldate = {'>=date(start_date)'}>}invitation_id)

      It's working for client specific, but without client specific i need all the counts.