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    How to use qlik sense

    P M

      Hi All,


      I am new to qlik sense i have question


      1.How to edit object in qliksend like qlikview

      2.how to change color for bar

      3.how to achieve values on data point.





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          1) First drag and drop any object and select that object. In the right side you fin the properties like data, presentation, appearence. So you can change the properties accordingly.

          2) Colors can be added for the bar chart go to the presentation properties in that select the persistent colors and select out of 100 colors. you can add only for measures or dimensions.

          3)for values goto-> appearance-> presentation-> click on value labels. you can values on bars in bar chart




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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Prashant,


            Welcome to the Qlik Sense forums. I hope you experience with Qlik Sense is a good one.


            In addition to Avinash's reply, I am curious to know if you saw all the helpful resources and videos available here  New to Qlik Sense Videos - that explain how to initially use Qlik Sense? - There are also a number of resources and videos available in our online help:




            These are great resources to help you become familiar and get started with Qlik Sense very quickly.


            If you missed them, it help us improve the navigation an organization experience for the users.


            These resources are listed right on the main page:


            Qlik Sense Forums


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