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    Listbox with button-style



      I'm trying to get a listbox with elements that look like buttons. For what I've seen in the examples it's a possible thing to do but still it will not work. I'm talking about the Relation-listbox in the Presidents.qvw of the example applications that look like this:



      What I tried so far is exporting the theme via Layout->Theme Maker checking every box available and applying it to another listbox of another application without success. I also tried to find some hidden menus in the listbox properties, the document properties or the user preferences but that does still not yield the wanted result. Changing the shown Field to i.e. Sequence resets the style - and setting it back to Relation makes it look like the image above again - so perhaps there's a value that makes the elements look this way?


      Until now comparing my qlikview GUI to this image https://community.qlik.com/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadImage/2-573950-62912/test.PNG.png there seems to be a missing border section in the layout tab of the listbox. The only thing I see in the left hand box is shadow intensity and border width. Could this be an issue with the newer Qlikview 11 SR12? It's pretty strange that the application is still capable of showing the box that way in the example application



      Thanks in advance for any help