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    Grab and display dimension based on previous day

      I have a chart that has some basic values. The chart has business date and tax rate. For my data model I have a table that has a list of business dates and their corresponding previous date (ex: Business Date = 10/05/2015 Previous Date = 10/02/2015). So essentially 2 tables. One with business date/previous business date and another with my data that has business date and tax rate. I want to display in my chart the following: | Business Date | Current Tax Rate | Previous Tax Rate |   with the previous tax rate being from the previous day.


      I cannot perform set analysis by simply performing math on the current business date because of non business days. Looking at my date table example you can see the issue. Set analysis to subtract a date would have the previous date selecting for 10/04/2015 instead of the previous business date. I would return nothing here.


      How can I pull in the previous tax rate?