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    Simple sum question

    Michael Landsittel

      Or should be simple:

      I have a tool being used to track census (both historical and current). To determine if a patient is active I am using:

      if (len(DischargeDate)=0 and SOC <=today(),1) as ActiveCount,

      during the load. This gives me a field with 1 in it if the patient is currently active. I am them just totaling this field (sum(ActiveCount)) to show the current census. The problem being, this total is off.

      If I look and export the data associated, I can total up the ActiveCount column and get the correct number-however in Qlik, I am getting some duplicate entries showing up.

      My question is - if a row does not show in a results table - where would this be coming from. Kind of hard to upload the tool w/the patient names but I can mask if that is needed.

      Any thoughts as to why a count of a field would not match the data that is viewable in a table or exported to excel and then counted?