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    How to open file(excel, xml, etc) having size greater than 50Mb through folder connection


      Hi Community,

      I'm using Qlik sense 2.1.1 server, In the hub when i go to data load editor to load my data and click on select a file from data connections panel it pops select  file window and at the bottom it is showing like "available space is 50 Mb " so if i want to load data of more than 50 mb how do i do that?
      for example if i select 1mb sized excel file it shows available memory 49 Mb, if i select one more file with 1mb it goes down by one and it is showing available memory is 48mb and so on. this way i'm unable to load multiple small excel files or a big file exceeding 50mb. i'm attaching the picture of displayed limit.


      Can anyone please  help me out with this, how to load a file greater than 50mb or how to increase the limit shown in select file window



      Thanks in advance