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    Why is that so difficult to use <,>,<> in set analysis?

    Sara Pira

      I'm trying to filter a number of claims but using set analysis formulas. I have read many comments in Qlikvew forum. There is not a definite answer how to use <>,>,<. There should be a simple way to use them. It will be disappointing if not.


      What I want is to count the number of claims except the ones that are created in error.


      I though this should work Count({$<ClaimCancellationReason<>{'Created In Error'}>}ClaimId) but it didn't. Count({$<ClaimCancellationReason={"<>$('Created In Error')"}>}ClaimId) didn't work either.


      I have some difficulties to use > and < as well. For instance Count({$<CreatedDate>{'01/06/2015'}>}ClaimId).

      I tried count({$<CreatedDate={">{'01/06/2015'}>}ClaimId) didn't work.


      Thank you,