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    Displaying Multiple Dimensions with the Same Expression in the Same Chart

    Jeremy Boyer

      I am trying to create a single chart, if possible, that will include the % of the population that has a number of characteristics. This could easily be achieved using set analysis in each expression, however, I would like each bar to be selectable so the user can filter the population based on the criteria for that bar. In order to do so, I was using a variable calculated dimension (EX:if(aggr(sum({<CurrentFlag={1}>} Dollars),Patient_ID)=0,'Zero Spend')) and then a standard expression (EX: sum(Patient_Counter)/sum(Total Patient_Counter)).


      I have 20 of these different calculations, that I plan to show and hide using buttons, but I would like these to be on the same chart so I have a consistent axis and scale from dimension to dimension. I can't think of a way to accomplish this; I tried a container which makes them appear to be one graph, however, the axes don't align and scales would have to be hard coded. Any suggestions?


      I'd like it to look like this: