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    UK Postcode Formatting




      I hope someone is able to help me with my query.


      I have a large amount of data I need to feed into Qlikview and i'm having issues formatting the Postcode field.  What I need is to convert a full postcode into a 5 character code.  As UK postcodes come in all different shapes and sizes this is proving to be a little bit trickier than I first envisaged.


      I'll try and show examples of what i'm looking for below.


      Original Postcode          5 Character Version (The format I need)

      LL32 8AJ                        LL328

      BB7 3ER                        BB7 3 (Includes 1 space)

      L1 8EE                           L1  8 (Includes 2 spaces)

      IP12 2UE                       IP122

      W1W 5NU                     W1W 5 (Includes 1 space)


      I hope this gives a good idea of exactly what i'm after?