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    Why not QS support the expression = What If Dimension, Column1 ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      (A) My QV Expression for LY  is not suitable for use in QS :-


      sum({$<year = {$(=max(year)-1)}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max(year))}>} month))"}>}$(ColumnDim51)/$(Columndim89)/1000)

      , $(vMoneyFormatK))


      (B) Because of  QS Does not allow us for create load script below :-

      What If Dimension, Column888  


      (C) My solution end up using QS Variable :-


      which is not support QS cloud.


      (D) My Requirement are :-


      Allow you change the Amount display in Local currency or other country currency. select the diamension , and change the expression amount.


      And my QV old expression is not support


      (E) My Question :-


      it there any other alternative ? So that my QV old table and chart can be display at QS.

      QS can develop such report.png