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    Possible to make both SOURCE field name same for sales table and inventory table ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      I have a sales table with all field like company , invoice date , stock code , selling price , costing price , date of transaction and Source_sales field for group by country.



      I also have a inventory table . Which also have stock code field , Qty on hand , Amount on hand and Source_stock field for group by country.



      I have create a link key between both table , using stock code and Source_sales for sales table.



      I also create a link key for Inventory table , using stock code and Source_stock , both link field are same.



      Now the above is running fine. But the issue is Source_sales and Source_stock this field name are different.



      I like to make the above field name dames.



      Can some one advise me how ?