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    Exceltable in Qlik-View with all data for selection

      Hello all,


      I hope this is the right area for my question!?

      I startet working with Qlik-View this week and here is my first problem :-)


      Structure of my Qlik-View project

      Page1: Data selection

      Page2: Diagramms and calculations


      On page1 I want to have a Table (it should preferably look like the Original Exceltabel) were i can chose the data i want to transfer to the next calculations on page2. My main problem on this stage is the table, I can´t implement a table witch show me all the information i have in the Excelsheet... and so i can´t select the data i need for page2. If i make several tabels for each colum of the table it would probably work but in this way its very hard to order the data in the right way ore even select the right data.


      I hope you understand my problem and can help me with it :-)

      Greetings V.Fischer