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    how to use previous date in Set Analysis

      Hi All,


      I am facing a small challenge in set analysis.


      I have loaded three dates from Data ware house in QlikView,


      - 30-Sep.

      - 31-Aug

      - 31-Jul


      I want a comparative analysis in a chart. By using set analysis, I got the latest (MAX) date balance i-e- 30-Sep and by using MIN function I got the 31-JUL balances.


      Syntax for both are as follows:


      For September:

      =sum({<UPDATE_DATE={'$(=MAX(UPDATE_DATE))'},Deposit_Product_Nature ={'CURRENT ACCOUNT'}>}AMOUNT_LCY)

      For July:

      =sum({<UPDATE_DATE={'$(=MIN(UPDATE_DATE))'},Deposit_Product_Nature ={'CURRENT ACCOUNT'}>}AMOUNT_LCY)


      What the syntax would be to present the 31-AUG balances?