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    Load Structure


      I am trying to join a few tables within Qlikview.


      Essentially I have the following structure currenctly:

      a)     a) a main FACT table with a unique ID which shows cost

      b)      b) a few dimension tables linked to the FACT

      c)       c) Two further fact tables which are linked to the main FACT based on a different combination attributes (not unique ID) – this is to bring in two different benchmark averages.


      In my 2nd and third FACT table there is a field of location which due to my structure is not linked between the two tables to allow me to be able to use as a dynamic dimension to slice the data.


      I have tried to add in link tables and re-structure my data but I am coming back to the main problem that there are two different links coming out of my main FACT table and this creates a synthetic join which doesn’t load the data correctly.


      I am unable to create one unique link which could be used on both tables as the links use conflicting fields eg one code is linked to two different descriptions which are 1:many or many:1


      Can someone suggest a way I can re-structure my data or deal with this issue?

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          A screenshot of your data model in the table viewer would be useful. Along with an explanation of which fields should link to what.

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              The image below is a simplified version of my structure.


              So I have my main data set (Encounter_FACT) which I want to link to two seperate benchmark comparitors each with different fields and structures.


              So to link between ENCOUNTER_FACT and NATIONAL_COMPARISON I link on Prod, type and group_nat

                   to link between ECOUNTER_fACT and BENCHMARK_COMPARISON i link on Prod, type and group_bench.


              This pulls the data in fine and I can use set analysis to calculate the different benchmark comparisons, however

              the BENCH_LOCATION & NAT_LOCATION in the seperate tables are actually related and I want to be able link these so i can use in list boxes etc.


              I was looking at creating a link table or combined table of the BENCHMARK and NATIONAL but the problem is the link back to the ENCOUNTER table uses different versions of group and so it is either one or the other and these "groups" are not a 1:1 relationship to allow me to link the potentially combined table 1:1


              any help with the structure would be helpful







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              neetha P

              Hi Jon,


              Please post sample data and copy data model here.

              Will try to help.