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    Run Time Best practice?

    Cassandra Baqir

      Are there any best practices out there for how long an NSQ file runs? We have some in production that run 8+ hours and my guy tells me that's not good for anything but I also can't think of a way to speed to running through all rows for a filter.

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          I have worked with applciations that have taken many hours to run.  To ensure the applciation is actually running, you can swith over to the qvw and see that the tabs are changing (you would need to do this from whereever the nsq is running - it could be run from a task on your desk top or through the server, but either way, it brings up a local qlikview app)


          When they run this long, it is usually the result of a combination of filters, levels, and page breaks - the more combinations it has to createm, the longer it will take


          were you able to successfully run the applciation with a filter on the report to limit the run

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              Cassandra Baqir

              The NSQ files are working... it was just suggested to me that there should be a limit on how long they are running or to look at a way to break files up so one didn't run too long.

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                  Since nprinting is single threaded, running multiple nsq to finish quicker will nto save that much time because it will not start the next one until the previous one is done.


                  You could look at breaking it out in some logical manner such as region (not sure your hierarchy) to at least get the reports created and distrubuted


                  If you have multiple servers that would help becasue then you could run simultaneousley


                  Remember tht will require multiple nsq files with each one having different report or task filters that doe not overlap each other so when all nsq are processed it is the same result as if you had one

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                    did my last post make sense?


                    since reports are not distributed until the end, you would receive some benefit by breaking out into multiple nsq but the overall time from start to finish would basically be the same