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    Collaborate On Qlik Sense Enterprise App Development



      We are a Scrum team of 4+ developers who want to build out numerous Qlik Sense charts collaboratively (i.e. at the same time).  We are seeking to use Qlik as an embedded solution into our product.


      We Desire

      • 1 team member needs to build our load script and prepare our data model
      • 2 team members need to build out the Charts (KPIs, Line Charts, etc)
      • 1 team member needs to refine the charts for proper look and feel.


      We have numerous charts to build out in the same App.



      How can we work efficiently, so that:

      1. We do not risk wiping out each others changes with "Publishing" actions
      2. We can merge our work all into the same Qlik Sense App smoothly.


      - - - - - - -


      We Considered

      1. Checking in the full App (with test data) into our source control
      2. Retrieving it from there to practice our "implementation"
      3. Choose who get's write access to "Publish" and source control.


      But this doesn't seem to meet either of our two goals.




      Thanks in advance.