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    Set analysis, straight tables and expressions

    Riccardo Zenere

      Hi everyone,

      I have three straight tables with the same expressions. The tables are different between them because on everyone I used a different parameter in the single expressions (so table1 will have parameter vParameter1, table2 will have vParameter2, table3 will have vParameter3).

      Currently I set the parameters into the set analysis manually, but I would like to add another expression in the tables (e.g. let's call it "Parameter") where I set only the relative parameter for that table (vParameter1/vParameter2/vParameter3) and then in the expression below I call only the said column. This would be really helpful to me in order to maintain the code


      It works when I call the expression "Parameter" normally, but I'm unable to do it into the set analysis... It there a way to do this?