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    Nprinting Scheduling Problem - Weekend


      my company is using Nprinting 15.7 for send scheduled reports via e-mail and files via FTP every day at some programmed hours of the day from 8am o'clock to 9pm o'clock.

      We are encountering a problem, we start the automatic scheduler and every day of the week it sends all perfectly without errors or messages.

      On Saturday and Sunday it says that scheduling is ok (it says 8 planifications uploaded correctly) but reports and files are not sent!

      We have to send them manually, if we restar Nprinting and restart the automatic scheduling don't works.... on monday it starts working perfectly


      Server where is installed Qlik and Nprinting reboots with a programmed thask every night at 11pm o'clock and at the restart automatically NPrinting with automatic scheduling and QlikView are opened


      Don't know why happens that, some advices? Thanks in advance