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    How to change qlik sense interface language ??

    Tanvi Madan

      i have a requirement where i want to display all my objects title in 4 different languages as users selects it from the filter list??




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          Oleg Troyansky

          In order to implement that, you'd need to replace all static labels with data-driven labels and manage all your texts in a data table. The table could look like this:






          For each label, you'd need to assign a number (or an alpha code if it's more intuitive) and manage multiple texts, one per language.


          The calculate text could look like this, for example:


          =only({<TextNumber={25}>} Text)


          This is assuming that one and only one Language is always selected. Since there is no setting like "Only One Selected Value" in Sense, you could enhance your formula like this:


          IF( Count(distinct Language) = 1, only({<TextNumber={25}>} Text), only({<TextNumber={25}, Language={EN}>} Text) )


          In this formula, English can be used as a default if more than one language is available.



          Oleg Troyansky

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            Andy Weir

            its a bit hit and miss at the moment Tanvi. if the chart element can be updated by an expression.  i.e has an Fx icon in the corner then you could add an expression like


            If(count({1<[%LangKey]=P([%LangKey]),%TextKey={'TextKeyValue'}>} [Text])<>1,


            Aggr(Only({1<[%LangKey]=P([%LangKey]),%TextKey={'TextKeyValue'}>} [Text]), [Text]))


            The above expression will handle when a user doesn't select a language or selects more than one as by default Qlik Sense doesn't allow single value filter options.


            I have a language table that stores my translations in key pairs






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              Fredrik Thomsen

              If you want Section Access to determine the language of the app, i would say that you need to include the field containing the translations or if add the users to different groups, have the language criteria included there.


              e.g. you have all the translations stored in a field called language, that field should then be used in your data reduction criteria. So that the user will only have one set of translations in the field Language, which then will be used to inside the app for naming listboxes, charts, text-objects and so on.


              You can have a look at and download this demo app, that have language handling that might help you in the right direction: QlikView

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                Yes tanvi_madan1, there has been work around done around multi lingual support in the form of an extension.


                The logic of this extension is to substitute titles and columns names in tables with the text related to the browser language; the needed languages are defined in a table contained in the application - pretty much as what's been described already.  This extension may have things within it you may have missed in your solution to date so it;s worth looking at.


                Here is the link:


                Multilanguage in Sense


                Do leave your feedback on the original page - as the developer of the extension may be able to offer support.


                If this is also correct or helpful, please mark it as such tanvi_madan1.