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    Leasing a licence on to Windows XP

    Steve Dark

      Hi there,


      I've a user here who is trying to lease a licence from QlikView 11.2 SR11 onto a Windows XP machine.  Other people on the network can lease licences without issues - this is the only XP box I've got available to test with though.


      My gut feel is that licence lease is no longer supported on XP, but I can't find any references to confirm or deny this.


      Has anyone else had experience of licence lease with XP?


      QMC is showing that the licence has been leased, and appears exactly as I would expect.


      Obviously I have advised that they should upgrade, but it would be good to know if this will actually resolve the issue.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Kwok Chong

          Hi Steve,


          Qlik officially drop the support for Windows XP in 11.20 SR7




          Also not supported, we managed to have license leased to XP machines up to 11.20 SR8 without problems. We have upgraded since and don't have any XP machines.


          Does the user have access to other machines? Could the user have used up both leases and therefore the XP machine could not acquire another lease?

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              Steve Dark

              Hi Kwok,


              Thanks for your response.  Your thought regarding the licence being leased to two machines already was my first thought also.  This is not the case though.


              This user has leased a licence to one other, non XP, machine already.


              Good to hear that leasing to XP has been supported relatively recently.