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    Qlik Sense Cloud product questions

    Chris Weldon

      Hi all,

      Does anyone know if and when Sense will be available to more than 5 users via the cloud (presumably at a price and this is fine)?  While we could run enterprise servers, this would mean a user has to be on the work VPN to connect and that can be a painful process - the work I am doing is aimed at execs on the move, so the cloud is an ideal vehicle for them - but there will be more than 5!


      Also, are there any plans to do allow extensions on the cloud?  Extensions, to me at least, are a big part of the appeal of View & Sense - but not allowing them to be deployed via the cloud is going to be an issue - heat maps, variables etc. are all really useful tools - particularly while trying to work with minimal space on phone displays etc.


      I know Qlik Sense is targeted at self discovery, but the responsive design and the cloud give a real opportunity to be a leader in the truly mobile space.  All the bits seem to be there, they just need joining together.


      Or is there another way I should be doing this?





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          Andy Weir

          As I understand it just because you are using Qlik Sense Server you could still allow users outside your VPN to access the dashboards via a web browser.  You could use anonymous authentication combined with section access and a secure front end.


          Not tried it yet but done something similar in the past on Qlik View,

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Chris,


            Andy is correct, you could provide secure access to Qlik Sense outside of VPN - as I have here for example on my Amazon instance here - Qlik Sense - I have not made any apps publicly available on my instance yet so you will just see an empty hub. (as we call it) -  You could take a look at our Qlik Sense Demos to get an idea: Qlik Sense - available here: Qlik Demos: See Qlik Sense in Action | Sense-Demo.Qlik.Com


            Qlik Sense Cloud will eventually have an increase number of shares and pay-for options, stay tuned for more on this. Remember each person that registers to view a shared app from another person, also has the ability to use Qlik Sense as well and they can share with others too. You could technically download the app, send over the .qvf file - and the other individual could upload it to their own cloud and they could share it etc. (not really ideal, but possible)  It all depends on what management and collaboration features you are looking for. The 5 shares is basically limiting 5 users to seeing your shared apps only.


            As far as extensions, this is still in discussion. We need procedures in place to validate code, etc. as extensions can typically be "open source" - we cannot let the possibility of malicious code to be run on the hosted system. The best option for this at the moment is Qlik Sense Enterprise.


            Let us know if we can help you further.


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            Mike Tarallo


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                Chris Weldon

                Thanks guys.


                Checked with our IT colleagues and they think it is unlikely that we would allow this past our internal firewall in this way...large companies, security policies etc. etc.


                What I am trying to do is to show some common dashboards to our country exec teams in 15 countries, who are frequently out of the office.  So mobile devices is essential, but we are not really interested in them creating their own apps - they can if they want I guess, but knowing them it feels very unlikely!  So not quite sure what to do now...


                My IT architect colleagues are reviewing the market of BI style products and their doesn't seem to be an obvious answer to this, unless you open your firewall.  Sense is already ahead of the game in terms of responsive design so has a good start.  Maybe it is just my companies conservative nature and no one else has this problem!


                I get the point over extensions, and I expected that answer to be honest, but it would be great going forward.


                By the way, the product is great - I have built some quite detailed applications quickly - even if I have struggled with the exact syntax of Set Analysis, especially around date variables!  Got there in the end.




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                    Andy Weir

                    hi Chris


                    THere are lots of ways to secure access to your dashboards to suit a variety of security models.  I'd agree the cloud option is probably not the one for you.  We work for lots of large companies and have not fallen foul of a security audit yet.    The qlik tool is a pretty secure way of accessing your information externally as much as any tool that requires a usersauthentication to access. 


                    THeres no reason for example you couldnt supply device mac addresses through section access to identify approved devices for example.


                    ALso you an limit your reporting layer to summarised non sensitive data to limit exposure on a breach.


                    JUst some ideas




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                      Petter Skjolden

                      You still have the option of buying Qlik Sense Enterprise and then install this software in a cloud solution like Amazon instance. Giving only specific users in your company access to it. That way your installation will be outside the company firewall, VPN solutions etc - just like the Cloud offering of Qlik.


                      The only difference with Qlik Sense Enterprise on Amazon and Qlik Cloud is that you have:

                      1) To install it yourself - which is a breeze anyway

                      2) The QSE has no limitation on #users except for your budget constrains on tokens

                      3) To invest upfront in Qlik Sense Enterprise