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    Line Graph: Force Show Data Points (Dots)

      Q) How can I force show the data points (aka dots) for any dimensions for a Line Graph?  I never want the data points to be hidden on a line graph... because the chart without the datapoints isn't as visually compelling.  We are seeking the shape and trend of the chart, without the finite detail.



      My team is using Qlik as an embedded solution with the Mashup API.  We've built a line graph, and when we shrink it too small the dots on that line graph go away.  It's like a browser presentation rule is kicking in.



      When I set the div's dimensions like this: width: 152px, height: 75px, then I can see both:

      * data points (a.k.a. dots)

      * grid line spacing




      However, when I lower either one to: width: 151px, height: 74px, then I do not see either:

      * data points (a.k.a. dots)

      * grid line spacing