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    Scramble data via the load script

    Stuart Frew

      Hi all,


      I have a data source that I want to scramble certain fields via the load script.


      Really I want to use the same functionality that is within the Document Properties > Scramble tab. The data is over 3 million customers with multiple fields to scramble so a mapping table would be too onerous.


      Any ideas how to leverage scramble via the load script?




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          Tresesco B

          If numeric field, you could possibly use Rand(), and for string may be using some string fucntions like:



                    Amount*Rand()*100 as NewAmount,

                    Mid(PurgeChar( Customer, 'aeiou'), 3) as NewCustomer

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            Vincent Ardiet

            Hi Suart,

            Don't know the level of security you need, but if you replace your values by the hash of your values it will be hard for a user to crack it but not for hackers (for example hash128(client_name) as client_name). Else you can also use the  autonumber function to have numbers.



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                Stuart Frew

                Thanks Vincent


                I need the data in the scrambled format as I would still like to check the scrambled data for data quality. Items such as field containing a @ sign etc

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                    Vincent Ardiet

                    Well, except treating line by line, field by field and char by char your data, I don't see a solution. And it will be complicated and will take ages. But it's feasible.

                    And are you retrieving the data from a database? For example if you are using Oracle, the Translate function with a randomized string can do the job easily.

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                        Stuart Frew

                        We are using QV to pull the data straight from CRM.


                        Is there no way to leverage the scramble functionality using macros? I am just thinking it is very easy via the GUI to scramble the data why not using the script

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                            Vincent Ardiet

                            I have quickly wrote a piece of script which can scrambled chars and number of given fields of a given table.

                            It has to be improved to load QVD, to store them, or to treat all tables in memory, but it works (row by row and char by char so performance can be very poor).

                            LET tableName='toto' ;

                            LET scrambledChars='abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ' ;
                            LET scrambledChars='$(scrambledChars)$(scrambledChars)' ;
                            LET scrambledNumbers='0123456789' ;
                            LET scrambledNumbers='$(scrambledNumbers)$(scrambledNumbers)' ;


                            load * Inline
                            sophie,sof@gmail.com,789] ;


                            load * Inline
                            toto,field2] ;
                            // where tablename='$(tableName)'


                            IF NoOfRows('FieldToScramble')=0 or NoOfRows('$(tableName)')=0 then
                              EXIT Script ;


                            Rename Table $(tableName) to TableToScramble ;


                            LET nbFields=NoOfRows('FieldToScramble') ;

                            FOR i=1 to $(nbFields)
                              LET fieldName=Peek('fieldname',i-1,'FieldToScramble') ;
                              NoConcatenate LOAD Distinct $(fieldName) Resident TableToScramble ;
                              LET nbRows=NoOfRows('tmp1') ;
                              FOR j=1 to $(nbRows)
                                LET valueBefore=Peek('$(fieldName)',j-1,'tmp1') ;
                                LET valueAfter='' ;
                                LET nbChar=Len('$(valueBefore)') ;
                                IF nbChar>0 then
                                  FOR k=1 to $(nbChar)
                                    LET charBefore=Mid('$(valueBefore)',k,1) ;
                                    LET charAfter='$(charBefore)' ;
                                    IF FindOneOf('$(charBefore)','$(scrambledChars)')>0 then
                                      LET charAfter=Mid('$(scrambledChars)',Index('$(scrambledChars)','$(charBefore)')+floor(Rand()*26),1) ;
                                    ELSEIF FindOneOf('$(charBefore)','$(scrambledNumbers)')>0 then
                                      LET charAfter=Mid('$(scrambledNumbers)',Index('$(scrambledNumbers)','$(charBefore)')+floor(Rand()*10),1) ;
                                    ENDIF ;
                                    LET valueAfter='$(valueAfter)$(charAfter)';
                                  NEXT k ;
                                ENDIF ;
                                   '$(valueBefore)' as $(fieldName)
                                  ,'$(valueAfter)' as [%$#@!$(fieldName)%$#@!$]
                                AutoGenerate 1 ;
                              NEXT j ;
                              Inner Join (TableToScramble)
                              LOAD $(fieldName),[%$#@!$(fieldName)%$#@!$] Resident tmp2 ;
                              DROP Table tmp2,tmp1 ;
                              DROP Field $(fieldName) From TableToScramble ;
                              RENAME Field [%$#@!$(fieldName)%$#@!$] to $(fieldName) ;
                            NEXT i ;

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                      Stuart Frew

                      Wow that is impressive. I don't need to encrypt the data so it hadnt crossed my mind, now that it has crossed my mind you have got me thinking. Thanks